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The Swings at Smither Park are designed for relaxing with friends and family while taking in the entirety of the park's landscape. Designed by Lisa Nigro, the swings have a whimsical dragon motif!




Alice Burguires in memory of her husband Steve Harcrow

Lynn Mathre & Stuart Odell

Marks & Barbara Hinton



Thank You to our Supporters through Kickstarter!

Amy and Todd Mueller Amy Blakemore
Amy Greenwood Anna Rodgers
Austin S. Langley Bill Arning
Bronwen Parker Bruce Ruzinsky
Charlie Walton Chris and Lina Langley
Christine West Clint Willour
Courtney Carlson Crystal Owens
Curt M. Langley David Curcio
David M. Bynog David Zarr
Dawnalee Debbie Ragland Anderson
Debbie Wetmore Denise Patrick
Dennis Starks Doni Langlois
Donna Morris Donna Neal
Doug Eller Eileen Cotter Howell
Elizabeth and Andrew Lockwood Elizabeth McDaniel
Emily Todd Fran Fine
Frank Vlahakos Fred and Kelly Johnson
Fredricka Brecht Gena Atwell
Glenda Jones Graham Williamson
Haloise Redding Helaine Lubetkin
Jack Langley Jackie Wallace
Jacobo Amador James Turnbull
Janet Meyer Jay Hamburger
Jay Johnson Jeannine, Daniel and Liam Parker
Jennifer Greenberg Jewelz Cody
Joan Morgenstern John Gregory
Jolynn Towns Jonathan Beitler
Jonathan Weinberger Justin Wood
Kara Childress Kate Hoad
Kelly Moran Kelsey Long
Ken Hoge Kirk Chen
Laura Beavers Lauren M.
Lisa Fisher Lisa Meyer
Lou-Marsh Pliakas Mandy Zellinger
Margaret Ellis Marie Brannon
Marilyn Oshman Mark Moore
Marks Hinton Marlene Walker
Marlene Lockey Marshall Cobb
Mary Anne Fried Mary Elizabeth Hahnfeld
Mary Jo Beyer Mary Victor
Matthew Rotan Michael Moore
Michelle Cate Mike Jines
Mindy Robinson Brown Mona Cabler
Nadine Cano Nancy Lauritsen
Paige Johnson Pamela Ponder
Pat Jasper Patricia Keen
Patrick Hicks Paul Engle
Paul Rankin Gus and Sharon Kopriva
The Rezai Family Robert Boyd
Rosemary Prather Ruth Crump
Sharon Plummer Shelley Rice
Stephanie Smither Stephanie Troxell
Susan Hammond Susan Williamson
Susanna and Palmer Moldawer Susanne Theis
Susie Green Suzanne Link
Suzi Dore Toni VanZant
Trey Wood Vicki Beitler
Wendy Schroell Wilbourn Woodward