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Summer Camps


Summer Camps at the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art are a wonderful opportunity for kids ages 11-15 to immerse themselves in a unique, hands-on art experience taught by an expert in their field. With a mission of celebrating the artist in everyone, these summer camps are designed to bring out the student’s creative side, push their boundaries, and ultimately create a lasting love of art and the process of creating it. 


Session 1: CERAMICS – June 15-19

Session 2: PHOTOGRAPHY – June 22-26

Session 3: SCULPTURE – July 13-17

Session 4: MOSAIC – July 20-24

ORANGE SHOW ART CAR CAMP - July 27 - August 14 (3 weeks)



  • Open to students age 11-15
  • $800 per student
  • All camps are 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Each camp is limited to 15 students
  • Summer camps takes place at the Orange Show, 2402 Munger St.
  • Students are responsible for their own lunches / snacks
  • Extended mornings with dropoffs starting at 7:30am – Additional $50
  • Extended evenings with pickups ending at 6:30pm – Additional $50


Session 1: CERAMICS

June 15-19, 9 AM to 5 PM

For centuries people have been crafting ceramics both for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. Learn about ceramic arts during this 5-day course designed to give the student an introduction to clay and its many properties, including the opportunity to design, create, fire, and glaze four different pieces under the instruction of expert ceramicist Kay Nguyen.

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June 22-26, 9 AM to 5 PM

Photography has quickly become one of the most popular and accessible forms of art. Spend five days learning the basics of photography from shooting to lighting, while creating a photography journal documenting your experience. Taught by professional photographer and photojournalist Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, at the end of the camp you will be able to print out your favorite pieces and exhibit them to the public at the Orange Show Monument. Students must bring their own camera.

For complete class details and registration information click here


Session 3: SCULPTURE

July 13-17, 9 AM to 5 PM

Many of the renowned folk artists combined different sculptural elements into their work, creating mixed media works of art. During this week-long summer camp students will learn the art of 3D sculpture and mask making using screen. Led by renowned Art Car artist and expert metalsmith Joe Haden, and is designed to get the creative juices flowing!

For complete class details and registration information click here


Session 4: MOSAIC

July 20-24, 9 AM to 5 PM

Mosaic arts are well known for their intricate and beautiful patterns formed out of small pieces of colorful tile. This five-day course will teach students how to create their own mosaic masterpieces not just out of tiles, but out of and array of found and recycled objects. The class will take place primarily within Smither Park, Houston’s newest green space designed to highlight the work of over 100 mosaic artists. Students will be adding a permanent section to Smither Park utilizing their own design. The camp is led by Judy Malone-Stein, a ceramic teacher and muralist whose work has been shown throughout Houston.

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July 27 - August 14, Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Only in Houston! This is a very unique and exciting opportunity for students interested in art, automobiles, and thinking outside the box to participate in the build of an Art Car to be featured in the 2016 Houston Art Car Parade – the oldest and largest gathering of its kind in the world and the city’s largest free public event. Led by expert art car artists and instructors, students will spend three weeks as a team brainstorming, designing, crafting, welding, and bringing to life one of Houston’s ultimate traditions – an art car. Being a part of Art Car Camp teaches students how to think creatively, work in groups and take direction in order to achieve the ultimate goal – to present the final product in front of nearly 200,000 people!

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