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Beer Can House Supporters

The purchase and restoration of the Beer Can House was a community endeavor. The project would not have been possible without the efforts of many groups and individuals who gave their heart, soul, talents and time to preserve this beloved Houston landmark for future generations to enjoy.

Beer Can House Committee

  • Allen Caudle
  • Barbara Hinton
  • Caroline Huber
  • Douglas Newman
  • Fred Brecht
  • Gloria Perez
  • John Waits
  • Julie Birsinger
  • Lynn Herbert
  • Maria Moss
  • Marilyn Oshman
  • Marks Hinton
  • Stephanie Smither
  • Stephen Bridges
  • Susanne Theis

We would also like to thank the many Houston-based companies and philanthropic foundations that have given generously to the Beer Can House, including:

Renovation Team, Consultants, and Friends

  • SpawMaxwell
  • Apollo BBC
  • TGK + Associates
  • WhiteboardLabs
  • Mr. and Mrs. Siml
  • Rice Military Civic Club
  • All of our hard working volunteers!

Generous donations from

  • Houston Endowment
  • The Brown Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • The Cullen Foundation
  • Silver Eagle Distributors