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Art Car Garage

The proposed Orange Show Art Car Garage will be an engineering incubator that will merge science, technology, engineering, math and art using the Art Car creative experience. The warehouse where this will take place is located on the same block as the Orange Show Monument and Smither Park.

Currently there are 23 schools (middle schools, high schools, afterschool programs and universities) that actively create Art Cars each year for the Houston Art Car Parade. Many more educational facilities have expressed interest but they lack the space and capabilities to establish and art car build program. With the Art Car Garage and the Orange Show Art Bus, the goal will be to expand the current educational Art Car program exponentially.

Individual workshops include:

  • Metal Arts - an introduction to welding, how to bond metals together
  • Drafting - students will draft and create model to scale of proposed art car
  • Introduction to sheet metal work - bonding and forming
  • Introduction to auto body and finish work 
  • Introduction to tile mosaic and adhesives
  • Introduction to sculpture foam and stucco work
  • Fiberglass 101 - learning the basics of fiberglass molding

To learn more about corporate funding opportunities for the Orange Show Art Car Garage, or how you can help make it come to life, click here.