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24th Annual Houston Art Car Parade Winners - 2011

While we're all very aware that "Art for the sake of Art" and "Art for EVERYONE" is the most important thing where The Orange Show and the Houston Art Car Parade are concerned- occasionally it's nice to be recognized for the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and dedication that you've poured into your entry for sometimes years at a time. 

Every single entry in the parade is special and unique.  Every entry is amazing and wonderful.  Every entry is priceless- because each artist or group of artists' vision is extraordinary and unparalleled. 

Without the phenomenally talented Art Car artists- this spectacularly magical weekend would not be possible.  Were it feasible- we'd like to give each and every one of the people who helped create the gifts of rolling art we were fortunate enough to witness this year- a monumental trophy rivaling the creations they themselves produced.  Let's work on THAT for next year.  17,000 trophy workshops sound ok?

So, without further ado- we give you the list of winners and their respective accolades:


Mayor’s Cup   - Grand Trophy and $2000

Losing the Mammoth, #127
International High School at Sharpstown under direction of Patrick Renner

Participants' Choice   - TIE! - Grand Trophy and $750 each

Little Bit of Nonsense, #36 - Randy Blair
Pop Art Cart, #50 - Harry "Bruiser" Goldberg

1st Place Art Car   - Grand Trophy and $1500 each

  • Bat Car, #5 by John Salazar
  • ouR Mutt 2011, #131 by University of Houston Clear Lake Art Car Design/Build students
  • AirPlane 1 and EarthMan 2, #165 by Dion Laurent
  • POPART, #224 by Cherie Doerscherg & Sharon Neyland
2nd Place Art Car   - Trophy & 2 Eyeopener Tour tickets
  • Stink-Bug, #181 by Carolyn Stapleton
  • Poe Art Car Art Car, #104 by Poe Elementary students under the direction of Joanna Hitchcock
  • Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, #66 by Richard Carter and Friends
  • Frankenova, #39 by James Ciosek

3rd Place Art Car   - Trophy

  • Opti CAR Lusion, #129 by Becky Morris
  • Chief Fleetwood, #214 by Cary Preston
  • Pee Wee's Peep Jeep, #52 by John Gregory
  • Heaven and Hell Car, #169 by Chris "Chub" Hubbard 


1st Place - Trophy and $1500 
Azteca Gold, #77 by Jesus Jimenez
2nd Place - Trophy
Mr. 409, #78 by Shorty Villereal
3rd Place - Trophy
Sweeter than Pan Dulce, #77 by Mark Villereal


1st Place - Trophy and $500 
Stars and Stripes Forever, #96 by L. "The Carp" Carpenter 
2nd Place - Trophy
Pop Art Cart, #50 by Harry "Bruiser" Goldberg
3rd Place - Trophy
Elvis Rocks, #7 by Bob Wink

Daily Driver Art Car 

1st Place - Trophy and $1000
Little Bit of Nonsense, #36 by Randy Blair
2nd Place - TIE! - Trophies
Bubbles LaRue, #28 artist Robynn Sanders, owner Karen Olds 
Octopus' Garden, #167 by Carter Hines


1st Place - Trophy and $500 
Cube a Cycle or Bike-R-Squared
2nd Place - Trophy
Bunnsmoke, #136 by Conrad Tengler
3rd Place - Trophy
Jomama Knitters Bikers, #18 by Joe Hayden

Music   - Trophy and $500

Last Concert Cafe's Margarita Maddness with the Hightailers and the Tribal Lillies, #71 by Dawn Fudge


1st Place - Trophy and $500
Destiny, #80 by Frank Hernandez
2nd Place - Trophy
Weeble Wobble Wompmobile, #211 by Cazz Casner

Free Speech 

1st Place - Trophy and $500
Revolution, #135 by Eric Hester, Sehba Sarwar and Voices Breaking Boundaries
2nd Place - Trophy 
Driving + Texting = Wrexting by Madeline and Paul Galindo
3rd Place - Trophy
Liberty Van and Freedom Van, #90 & 91 by Lynda Farley

Painted Car

1st Place - TIE! - Trophy and $500 each
Barking Schnauzers III, #217 by Abigail Reeves
Cosmic DarkStar, #149 by Esteban Martinez
2nd Place - Trophy and $250
Psychedelic Surfer Dude, #229 artist Robynn Sanders, owner David Duthu 

The Greg Blankenship Skater Award

1st Place - Trophy and $500
Z Skaters & the entire Zebra family, #161 and many others, by Amy Lynch
2nd Place - Trophy
Ice Melt, #62 by Mary-Jane Buschlen

Youth Group

1st Place - Trophy and $500
Kaleidoscope Dreams, #115 by Mary Reed and Spring Branch ISD students
2nd Place - Trophy
Emerge (Return of the Dragon), #200 by Cavan Leerkamp and Sam Rayburn HS students
3rd Place - Trophy
Crocagator, #98 by Elsik High School