SOLD OUT: Live at The Orange Show with Robert Ellis


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Join the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art for an evening under the stars as Robert Ellis takes the most unique stage in the Houston. With support from Adriel Denae.



About Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis has named his new album after himself and the reason is clear. The album is both his most personal statement yet and a summation of his career thus far. Robert Ellis opens with "Perfect Strangers," a meditation on what brings people together (and how tenuous that connection can be), and ends with "It's Not OK," a raw look at emotional compromise. Between those two powerful bookends are nine other songs that set Ellis's soaring vocals and knowing melodies against his sharp, dark observations, and that show him in full command of a vibrant set of songwriting skills-irony, distance, character, narrative, a thoughtful relationship between sound and sense.

Ellis was born and raised in Lake Jackson, a town about an hour from Houston whose other famous residents have included the Pauls (Ron and Rand) and Selena (the original Queen of Tejano, not the current pop sensation). From an early age, he escaped small-town boredom through music. At first, his tastes ran toward traditional hits. "I remember having a bunch of pop records when I was really young: No Doubt and Michael Jackson and Garth Brooks. That was when I was pretty passive as a listener-I liked them, but maybe I got to them because my mom or one of my sisters had them. The first I really got obsessed with was a Doc Watson collection. I was already starting to play guitar, and my uncle told my mom to get it for me. He was my first guitar hero."


About Adriel Denae

Adriel Denae grew up in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago and is creating a life of exploration through music. Her childhood was spent a few blocks from the Green Mill Lounge, Aragon Ballroom and Uptown Theater and within a philanthropic, musical family and community. Gospel, jazz, folk, blues and the sounds of a uniquely diverse neighborhood permeated her surroundings and pointed her sensibilities towards timelessness and mystery.

After a short stint studying mathematics, she began touring and performing in various groups, most recently and for the longest period, with partner Cory Chisel. In early 2014 she embarked on her first solo venture, recording with Norah Jones as her producer. Shortly after completion, a surprising twist brought her first child and a new project of stewardship in Northeast Wisconsin. Her focus shifted to developing skills needed to care for an 80 year old monastery on 11 acres of land while also forming an Arts Foundation to support artist residencies in the space. Inspired by her new surroundings and immersion in nature and motherhood, she created a line of natural skin care products based on midwifery techniques from the 1800's with partner, Jen Auerbach.

Taking her cue from the cyclical nature of growth, her debut solo release will bloom in 9 stages, beginning in late February 2018, and will incorporate films made in collaboration with artists in the place she now cares for. Seeking new ways of seeing and thinking, the release will endeavor to strengthen a model of support for artists - one that facilitates the creation and release of work outside of a system of debt. Believing that beauty enriches every segment of society and that expression is paramount to the human experience, it is her intention to make way for more individuals to create through profits generated from the release.

Location: Orange Show Center for Visionary Art
2402 Munger St.
Houston , TX 77023

Date: March 30, 2018, 7 p.m. - March 30, 2018, 11 p.m.