"Bless the Orange Show" featuring Tyagaraja


An annual tradition, the blessing of the Orange Show Monument ensures that creativity and prosperity continue to flourish within the community. This year, transcendental singer/songwriter Tyagaraja will perform an ancient energy cleansing ceremony that will culminate with classical Indian dance and a special musical show featuring guest performers including Alaap Parikh and Gunjen Mittal.


More details about "Bless the Orange Show"

The "Fire Ceremony" is a Vedic tradition used for many special events and auspicious occasions. Tyagaraja is trained and initiated in this ancient tradition.  The purpose of using positive sound vibration (mantra) and fire (yajna) is to purify, cleanse and even heal energies of the surrounding and of the people in attendance.  This is a very special, unique and ancient form of offering to set the Orange Show off to a creative and prosperous year in 2013


The Classical Indian Dance is performed by Gunjen Mittal in the style of Odissi (pronounced Owe-da-see) and fusion modern dance.  The finger positions (mudras) eye expressions, and movements depict stories and emotions in lyrical fashion.


The Culture Fusion portion will be what is known as "Jugal Bandi" a mix of cultures and styles, for this Jugal Bandi we have Ancient Aztec Dance by Monica Villareal and Classical Indian by Gunjen Mittal.

The evening culminates with a special live performance by transcendental singer/songwriter Tyagaraja and special guest performers including Alaap Parikh on Tabla and percussion.



Location: Orange Show Monument
2402 Munger Street
Houston , TX 77023

Date: March 1, 2013, 7 p.m. - March 1, 2013, 11 p.m.